“Punch Pile” Underground Pile Driving Method

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In 1996, Anderberg Construction developed a unique underground pile driving method for supporting and underpinning structures.   The innovative “Punch Pile” brand incorporates methods for supporting bridges, buildings, boat docks, foundations etc…

Future applications utilizing this technique include “bottom end” driving for composite pilings and installation of liquefaction reduction pilings.

Photo courtesy of Geert Jonker, Geo Drive Technology, The Netherlands

To view the original patent developed by Tom Anderberg, “click” the link below:

Patent & Photos:

Punch Pile Patent

Punch Pile Research & Development Photos


Misc. Design Drawings:

Down Hole Bottom End Pile Driving Equipment Driving Method Designs

Down Hole Bottom End Toe Pile Driving Designs

Liquefaction Reduction Pile Drawings

Articles by Tom Anderberg:

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Punch Pile (3 of 6) Multiple Concrete Micro-Piles

Punch Pile (4 of 6) Concrete Micro Piles (Current Methods, History, New Methods)

Punch Pile (5 of 6) Double Wall Drainage Composite Pile

Punch Pile (6 of 6) Competition

Punch Pile Advantages

Punch Pile Mission


Novel Toe Driving Article (Canada) text only with underlined highlights

IHC (Pile Toe Drive System) (w, notes)

Federal Highway Adminstration Composite Pile Evaluation Report

National Composites Network

Purdue University – Emerging Construction Technologies


Grundoram Driving Tools

Composite Manufacturers:

Lancaster Composite

Lee Composites

Pearson Pilings

Trelleborg Marine Systems


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