Laser & Digital Level Surveys

ZipLevelLaser & Digital Level Surveys (Interior Floors) – Providing quick elevation overview and documentation for out of level floors.

Anderberg Construction Consulting, Inc. utilizes self leveling lasers and digital electronic water levels (ZipLevel) to provide quick and accurate assessments.  This state of the art equipment, coupled with the knowledge of how to interpret the findings, helps the client understand how their structure is performing and/or has been performing throughout the years.

These instruments provide the data required to efficiently address out of level floors and drainage concerns that homeowners may have.  Accurate existing elevations are the starting point to efficiently address drainage and foundation settlement issues.  The information can also be used to provide documentation for construction defect cases when necessary.   In essence, the use of these instruments will provide you with the information necessary to allow you to make more informed decisions and proceed in the best direction.

Typical questions are as follows:

  • Do I need to underpin my foundation and/or replace it?
  • What does a low spot in my floor(s) indicate?
  • How do cracks in my walls/ceilings correlate to sloping floors?
  • What can help address doors that are seasonally difficult to open and close?
  • Do I need a sump pump for my drainage system or can it flow to the street?
  • Roof downspouts, catch basins, driveways, sidewalks….do they have enough elevation to flow properly?
  • Does my deck have proper slope?

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