Water Intrusion Services for the Oakland, CA, Area

Water intrusion into a home in Oakland, CA“Where in the heck is this water coming in from?”

Good question.  Subsurface water intrusion (drainage) is one thing, but above ground water intrusion is another.  There can be so many sources of entry:  rain, driven rain, water supply lines, waste drain lines, appliance supply lines, tubs and showers, windows and doors, roofs, siding,….the list goes on and on.

From major issues to minor nuisances, water intrusion can cause problems within structures that can eventually “drain” your bank account if you don’t address them effectively.  Diagnosing them can sometimes be straightforward while at other times very difficult and complicated.  As in the photo above, is the problem the slider door flashing below the stucco, the balcony to threshold flashing, pan flashing, defective door assembly?  Answer: defective door assembly and possibly pan flashing as well.  Solution:  completely replace sliding door unit and install all flashings properly.

The key to understanding water intrusion issues is to have a good command of building envelope design (interior and exterior applications) and weatherproofing practices.  Experience is also a plus.  The use of hi-tech equipment (moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras) can also help facilitate the locations of water intrusion and excessive moisture condition areas.

Anderberg Construction Consulting, Inc. utilizes Flir thermal imaging camera technology and Delmhorst moisture meters in their water intrusion discovery practices.

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