Drainage Design Consulting in Oakland, CA

Man looking for drainage design services in Oakland, CA

What’s the right drainage solution for you?  Tom Anderberg will help you make the right decision.

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different opinions.  As a former drainage contractor, Tom Anderberg, CEO of Anderberg Construction Consulting, Inc., based out of Oakland, CA, has consulted for literally thousands of homeowners throughout the Bay Area by educating them on how drainage principles work and will personally help you through the process of identifying various practical drainage solutions so you can make the right decision.  See article – “How the Right Consultant Can Help”.

A common approach for most homeowners is to start by asking friends or contacting drainage contractors to give you some input.  The question then becomes, “How do I know which contractor to choose and which approach to take?”  Good Luck.  Whether you live in Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda County, Contra Costa County or the Bay Area in general, there are many contractors to choose from and everyone has something to say.

The most common drainage fears for homeowners are:

  • damage to the concrete foundation
  • settlement to the home
  • structural damage (dry rot etc.)
  • damage to household contents
  • mold and mildew
  • lack of use in various areas

The most common drainage solutions proposed by contractors are simply rock subdrains which are essentially ditches that are dug and filled with rock to intercept underground water.  The installation of rock subdrains are generally labor intensive (costly) and provide relief to varying degrees depending on the situation.

With this in mind, are the solutions proposed by various professionals and/or non professionals in your best interest when it comes to the bigger picture?  With respect to the most common drainage fears that homeowners have (as previously listed), are they being addressed adequately as part of the solution?  This is where drainage consulting can assist you in getting the best approach to your overall issues.

Through this drainage consulting process, Tom Anderberg helps clients become an important part of the decision making process enabling them to choose the drainage solution that is in their best interest.

Once the options become clear and choices are made on how to proceed, Anderberg Construction Consulting, Inc. can also facilitate in providing drainage plans as well as referrals for contractors who can actually perform the work.  Project oversight can also be provided when requested.

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