Construction Defect

Structural Defect 1What’s wrong with this picture?

During the course of construction, it’s amazing how various defects  can and do occur.  Latent defects (defects you can’t see) and patent defects (defects that are visibly noticeable) are not new to the construction industry but are basically issues that come up and need to be addressed.

Hopefully most problems get corrected during the construction process but those that do not can sometimes end up in litigation.  When pursuing compensation and/or reconstructive work, often outside experts become participants in the process to help identify and locate areas where these issues occur.

Documentation also becomes part of the process.  Proof of defect can sometimes get contentious between the parties but in the end and agreement must be reached.  Anderberg Construction Consulting, Inc. has been involved in construction defect cases for many years ranging from the initial discovery process to court and jury testimony.


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